Absolute (Uncertainty)

Melbourne Fringe Festival

25 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2017

Producer and Set Designer Simon Bowland

Director Taylor Qian

Lighting Designer Russell Wong

Sound Designer Connor Ross

Performed By Anna Louey and Nores Cerfeda

“You know that feeling of being a guest in another person’s house? Everyone knows that as a guest, you’re never truly yourself.”

What happens if you never stop feeling like a guest in your own country?

Moving to another place can mean new opportunities and hope for the future. It can also mean being committed to a divided life.

‘Absolute (Un)certainty’ is an interactive work based on experiences from culturally diverse people in Australia.

Merging projections and live music, the stories of the migrant experience come to life. Actors explore the source of our identities in a fusion of culture and imagery. This play gives insight into how individuals can be connected despite their differences when confronted with barriers in society.

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