Photos: Alison Gurry and Christiana Garvie



How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found 

by Fin Kennedy

Presented by

Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) Music Theatre Company '16

Grant Street Theatre, VCA 19 FEB - 20 FEB 2016

Direction Alister Smith

Costume Design Isabella Foran

Lighting Design Celine Khong

Sound Design Alex Blackwell

Stage Management Libby Gilbert

It is estimated that between 100, 000 and 250, 000 people are reported missing to the police in the UK every single year. Who are they? Where do they go? More importantly…. How do they do it?

This play, by UK writer Fin Kennedy, explores what happens when a young executives life blows up in his face and he literally walks out on his life. It is a unique story, exploring what makes us who we are in the 21st century. Can we disappear and start life again? Apparently its very simple to do so.


Video: Christiana Garvie

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